Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weekend Update...gosh, is it really Wednesday?!?

As promised, an update from the weekend! With Jake warming my toes, we bring to you snapshots of the

   Maple Floor Project !

 My husband calls this "project food". Bought at Menards, they are the diabetic handy-man's staple. Since working hard often means low blood sugar...these are a must have!

 Below is the current "belivingroom". I actually like having the bedroom in the center of the house. It's kind of growing on me. Fireplace, big windows, easy access to the kitchen...

 ...all of our creature comforts in one nice little area!

 This is me...not feeling so well, but very, very happy. Still suffering from a prednisone taper flare, along with nasty post-infusion yuck, I am enjoying my comfortable space. And so are the pets!

 This is the official "before" shot of our bedroom.

This is the official "before" shot of the hallway. 

This is my husband Dave, pulling out billions...okay, maybe not billions...but LOTS of staples.

Dave calls these "devil strips". I'm learning the lingo!

Sawing off door frames in order to make way for the new wood!

See how slick a piece of the new wood slides under. What a genius!

This is the bad boy of hard wood floor nailers! It does a wonderful job, but let me tell it LOUD OR WHAT!?!?! Holy Moly Rocky!

Below is Jake...staying as far away from the power tools as possible. The pets are NOT impressed!

The garage/wood working shop! Old carpet pads covering areas to prevent saw dust on everything. Nice recycling Dave! 
Watch out for those fingers!!

This is the bedroom as of yesterday...

...and last night progressed into the closet! Yes!

So, here is the project as of this morning! I would guess that by tonight Dave will be working his way out into the hall. I can already feel and SMELL the difference. Getting that almost 12 year old carpeting out was one of the best decisions ever!  

One of the downsides to having the house in disarray is that the office/computer "stuff" is not where it should be and I am currently suffering from "intermittent connectivity issues". Which means a sufficient amount of frustration. That being said...this update will be brief. Hopefully I'll have FINISHED project pictures posted soon...and maybe even some good news on the health front! Now wouldn't that be grand!!
Until then...
I hope your day is filled with Joy
and you are filled


Anonymous said...

Susan wants to know where "our" chair is? We don't see it in the beliving room! Love you.

Theresa said...

It's BElow the picture...BElieve me! Would never get rid of your chair!!
BElove you much -