Friday, March 25, 2011

Mucky Miserableness

March 25, 2011
It's March 25th already!! Hello?....Spring....are you out there? Somewhere

It's been a long winter in the Midwest. In our area, we have had the 4th largest snow accumulation in recorded history - according to the weatherman. And this week in particular, we are sporting temperatures that are 20 degrees below the average. So, in my desire to join the lamenting facebook community, I opened my front door to take a picture of this mucky miserableness in order that I should upload it for all the world wide web to see. Thereby joining the social networking collective ego so that I might find my due comfort in all of this...well, crap.

And then I thought to myself. Man, it takes a lot of work to actually get my camera out. (words in italics should be read internally with a distinctive whinny-ness)  This would mean actually finding it, having to open the door and let in the cold, uploading the photo to my computer and eventually downloading it to this blog... or am I downloading to my computer and uploading to my blog...or to my photo editor and then downloading....   never mind. It just seemed like too much work. So then I thought to myself, "Hey! I have a picture just like this on facebook already!"

Oh, I sure did. Or do.
And then it hit me. I'll blame it on the lupus fog, this inability to remember the very lessons I aspire to live my life by. You know, the whole being present in the moment bit. Like the comment I made two days ago in the very post that precedes this one:

In all honesty, the only thing that gets me through to the next day is making the most out of this one. Finding the good in even the worst situations. I read a quote the other day in Tolle's book, A New Earth - "The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation you are in, but your thoughts about it." When you think about it, that's really true.

But if I'm not making my ridiculousness completely evident... take a peek at the picture I posted on November 13, 2010 - the first snowfall of the year...

November 13, 2010
Hum... That's interesting.

And here's my caption:

First Snow, 11/13/10, outside the front door!

And here's the conversation that followed under said picture, on facebook:

Friend: Wow!
Me: Beautiful!
Friend: AH-mazing!
Me: It does not get any more peaceful!

I promise you, there was no photoshopping of either picture. If I'm not mistaken, the second one is just a tad bit on the dreary side. In fact, the trees look depressed! At least in the picture on top the sky is blue and the pines are reaching up as if to say, "Praise be Spring!" Yet, today, I see miserableness. In November, I saw peace.

So what's changed? I still have my family. I still live in the same beautiful home. My income has actually increased due to disability payments and the financial strain of Christmas is actually nine months away and not ONE, thank God. I still have food to eat and lots of good books to read. We actually have a new car now, one that is much more dependable and cost efficient. So what the heck?

One thing, and one thing only has changed. And that is my mind.

Indeed, Eckhart Tolle is correct. "The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation you are in, but your thoughts about it." 

This is such a simple lesson. Why is it so hard to learn? If I could just "be" in this moment instead of spending all of my energy making up a good story for "why", then I might actually find the beauty in it. The part of Being that makes being a Human-Being so very wonderful!

Try that on for size today!

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